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Franchise Law

We support the success of your business

AHS Rechtsanwälte has been representing both franchisors and franchisees for many years. This distinguishes us from most law firms, which generally have experience representing only one side in the franchise industry. Our knowledge of both sides of the franchise model gives us a deeper understanding of and a broader perspective on the dynamics between the two, which enables us to explain the intricacies of franchising law to our clients and apply that knowledge and experience to our clients’ advantage.

Services for Franchisors

AHS Rechtsanwälte assists franchisors with matters ranging from the development of franchise business programs and the structuring of franchise business entities to maximize business flexibility and protect assets, to the preparation and registration (where required) of franchise disclosure documents (FDDs) as well as the filing of trademarks and the management of licensing and intellectual property.

Services for Franchisees

We provide an equally broad range of services to franchisees: assisting single unit operators and multi-unit operators with acquiring and selling franchises and territories; reviewing and negotiating franchise agreements, multi-unit and area development agreements, leases and other contracts; forming business entities; and in the formation and representation of franchisee associations.

AHS Rechtsanwälte: Your specialist lawyer for franchise Law

AHS Rechtsanwälte: Your specialist lawyer for franchise Law. If you would like to consult with one of our experienced employment attorneys, please feel free to contact AHS Lawyers. Get in touch with us at our offices in Cologne (Köln) oder Bonn today to discuss your case. Call us at +49 221 97.30.960 or email us your information via our online contact form or


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