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The German tax authorities are a powerful government entity that employs aggressive tactics in collecting past-due taxes. Taxes and duties are lifelong companions and influential factors affecting almost all important commercial and business decisions. We can plan, structure and optimize your individual and company’s future both nationally and internationally. We can also support you through audits, judicial and extra-judicial disputes with the appropriate taxation authorities and, when necessary, assist you with tax misdemeanor or criminal procedures.

With offices in Cologne (Köln) and Bonn, the experienced tax attorneys at AHS Lawyers represent businesses and individuals who are in trouble with the German tax authorities. The firm’s focus is on individualized strategies leading to permanent solutions for complicated problems, something very few tax firms can do. We provide advise by certified tax law specialists (Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht).

The firm represents clients throughout the nation and overseas. In many instances, the cases handled by our attorneys only require email and/or telephone communication. The firm consults with its clients, gathers the necessary information and gets to work on finding real solutions to tax problems.

When tax authority agents show up at a residence or place of business, tax problems have escalated to the point of a criminal investigation. As with any serious accusation, an experienced attorney is the best option to protect your rights and fight for the best outcome.

Failing to report gross receipts or claiming excessive expenses could result in serious criminal charges related to fraudulent tax returns or tax evasion. Claiming a refund with false information or having an unreported foreign bank account to shield could be met with aggressive prosecution by the tax authorities.

AHS Lawyers tax attorneys are experienced and skilled in dealing with the German tax authorities. They have a comprehensive knowledge of tax law and effective litigation strategies. AHS Lawyers provides certified tax law specialists (Fachanwalt für Steuerrecht). Many cases are resolved short of going to trial, but that does not prevent the attorneys from taking tax-related legal matters to court.

AHS Lawyers: Your specialist attorneys for tax law

For help with an tax authority audit notice, employment tax matter or criminal tax investigation, contact AHS tax law attorneys online under or call +49 221 97.30.960.

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