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AHS Practice Areas
Specialists in Business Law
Our expertise

Consulting businesses

We offer a variety of corporate legal services, tailored to the demands of companies, individuals and entrepreneurs. We provide clarity, guidance and strategic business law counsel to our clients as they establish their entities, raise financing and buy or sell assets. Our business attorneys take a pragmatic approach to finding legal solutions and getting it done .


Our practice areas at a glance

Business and Corporate law

We offer to our business clients solid legal counsel in business contract law and all related areas. We draft and negotiate contracts to address and prevent potential problems with vendors, contractors, subcontractors, customers and other businesses.

Our firm counsels clients regarding all types of business transactions, including stock sales and purchases, asset sales and purchases, covenants not to compete and partnership dissolutions. We also prepare all necessary documents to complete business transactions and can even assist with technology law issues.

We advise our business clients regarding the choice of entity: sole proprietorship, corporation or limited liability enterprise. We also counsel clients about directors’ and officers’ liability, dissolution, franchising, contracts, antitrust, distribution law, reorganization, trade association membership and activity, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, business successions and shareholders’ rights.

Contract law, Contract Management

Contracts are the foundation of commerce. They define relationships and shape expectations, and ensure that a meeting of the minds occurs before performance obligations begin. AHS Rechtsanwälte has more than 20 years of experience in drafting, negotiation and handling contract lawsuits and disputes. We are certified Contract Managers of Washington University.

Employment law

Our lawyers have substantial experience in dealing with the full spectrum of employment issues, from termination, wage and hour law, employment discrimination and sexual harassment to wrongful discharge, policy manuals and covenants not to compete.


Our firm helps businesses, creditors and individuals to prepare insolvency proceedings and accompanies these proceedings. Our specialized and certified attorneys (Fachanwalt für Insolvenzrecht) work on cases involving consumer insolvency proceedings, business or general insolvency proceedings and insolvency plan proceedings, representing debtors as well as creditors in insolvency cases.

Tax law

We represent our clients in audits, judicial and extra-judicial disputes with the appropriate taxation authorities and, when necessary, assist our clients with tax misdemeanor or criminal procedures.

Franchise law

AHS Rechtsanwälte has been representing both franchisors and franchisees for many years. This distinguishes us from most law firms, which generally have experience representing only one side in the franchise industry. Our knowledge of both sides of the franchise model gives us a deeper understanding of and a broader perspective on the dynamics between the two, which enables us to explain the intricacies of franchising law to our clients and apply that knowledge and experience to our clients’ advantage.

Business litigation

Our business and corporate law practice is built around proactive solutions to business issues and prevention of disputes; however, the business litigation lawyers of AHS Rechtsanwälte offer strength and experience when litigating is unavoidable.We offer extensive experience in negotiation, arbitration and litigation of business contract disputes, including employment contracts, contracts with vendors or customers, partnership disputes, intellectual property rights, leases, transactions and claims of fraudulent business practices.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are highly complex business transactions that require legal acumen, diligence and foresight to complete in a timely fashion. At AHS Rechtsanwälte, our transactional attorneys know how to streamline these intricate processes, leveraging decades of experience to protect our clients’ best interests every step of the way. Whether you have already extended an offer to another entity or are contemplating this action, you can rely on our lawyers to give you the information you need to make sound decisions. Although M&As offer valuable opportunities for market expansion and product development, hastily entering an agreement with another company can jeopardize your business’s viability. Our attorneys take the long view when advising our clients of their options. Having facilitated many multimillion-dollar acquisitions and mergers in Germany, we have a deep understanding of the steps you will need to take to close your deal. Before you commit to any course of action, we will provide a thorough explanation of the challenges you’ll face as you engage in the transaction and will identify solutions for overcoming these hurdles. Our legal team has substantial experience with the practice areas that intersect this business transition. We use our knowledge of real estate law, intellectual property law, banking, finance and other legal fields to address problematic issues before they put your deal in jeopardy. We seek to reduce your risk by conducting due diligence on assets and entities that you have targeted. Partnering with accountants, business valuation experts and other professionals, we are able to determine whether your plan will enrich your business or burden it with toxic debt. As your advocates, we are committed to identifying an effective and an economical approach. We are mindful of the expenses associated with these actions, so we utilize only the professional and legal resources that are necessary for your situation. Focusing on results and our clients’ bottom line are two of the reasons that so many of our clients remain with our firm and readily refer us to others.

Intellectual property

We recognize that the success of your business may hinge on the ability to protect your innovations in order to profit from their sale or licensing. We will analyze the necessity of obtaining copyright or trademark protection and assist in filing the state and federal copyright/trademark applications.We also draft technology licensing and franchising agreements to maximize clients’ profits while minimizing liability and unauthorized use of your intellectual property. Our attorneys have the industry savvy and the contract law experience to properly protect your interests in these intricate and technical agreements. Our lawyers also practice employment law and can draft effective noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements that will hold up in court to prevent employees or partners from improperly using confidential information and trade secrets, including customer and client lists. We also have been extremely active on behalf of executives and entrepreneurs seeking court determinations that noncompete agreements are not enforceable.